What Is A Reputable Breeder? How To Select A Reputable
    Breeder The Manx Syndrome Myth!

After 30 years, we are no longer showing and breeding.

Reputable Breeders We Recommend
Lovingly raised under foot

Echo Hills E-mail
2 younger blue boys maybe available
Golden Retrievers
Ocotilla Goldens E-mail
Maine Coons
Sunnywood Maine Coons E-mail

Commandments For Manx Kitten Buyers

Don't hurry. Take your time. If getting a Manx, any Manx, right now, is your goal, then you could be sorry, and you will get what you ask for: just any Manx!

Read more than one book. Do not base your whole understanding on generic descriptions. 

Talk to Manx breeders about temperament and personality.

Contact the national breed club. Basic information on the breed is free,  A local club representative can  handle specific questions.

Ask for names of club members you may talk to and learn from.

Plan on attending cat shows that have Manx entered.

Be honest when you contact  breeders about what you are looking for and your past experience with Manx cats. 

If you are not ready to bring a Manx into your home, have changed your mind,  are still searching or have purchased a Manx from someone else, contact the breeder to have your name removed from the waiting list.